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Location: Indiana USA - Posted February 8, 2020 6:53 pm


What a wonderful compilation you have created. Your talent is unsurpassed.
I really enjoyed viewing your website.

Location: France - Posted December 8, 2019 5:04 pm


What an amazing site. This was my first visit but it won't be my last. So many wonderful things. So many great free patterns and so many photos of others work to inspire. Just too much to digest in one visit. Can't wait until I have time to come back and explore more.

Location: United Kingdom - Posted December 2, 2019 10:58 am


Thank you for the beautiful patterns you have been so kind to let us use. I am half way through 'Sublime Stitches'.The techniques I am adding to the ones I already knew have proved invaluable.

Location: Scotland - Posted August 31, 2019 3:27 pm

Sarah Hinshelwood

Thank you so much I love black work but I use colour lol you are so very kind to take time out to teach us and inspire us thankyou so much xxxx

Location: australia - Posted July 15, 2019 2:45 pm


I have been drooling over your amazing designs for a while now. Thank you for the amazing freebies. I am starting with Tiny Treasures. I plan to order Kogin charts. What is the possibility of doing these as E Books? Cheers

Location: New Zealand - Posted July 12, 2019 7:51 am

Christine Weldon

I love Blackwork, and it is always a pleasure to visit your site, you are so informative with all your Techniques that we can read and download, and your blogs a a deight to read too, thank you. Also a Big Thank you to your Freebie area I have managed to do one or two of your designs, I also did your Kogin design in the Stitch Magazine, I loved it. The Kogin on the ladies jacket was amazing. Where do all these people get these ideas from? I lack in that area.

Location: Oxfordshire - Posted June 30, 2019 9:19 pm

Gina Wiltshire

Thank you so much for all the freebies on here, they are beautiful! Currently working on the Tiny Treasures Square <3

Posted June 14, 2019 12:06 pm

Alice Miidleburn

Perfect WEBSITE!!! Really!!

Location: Oakville ON, Canada - Posted May 3, 2019 4:15 pm

Doris Dieners

I just spent a half hour cruising through your 'Techniques'. So much helpful information! And you've inspired me to finally get all my fabrics sorted and stored in one place! Thank you!

Location: Alberta, Canada - Posted April 22, 2019 12:02 am

Patricia Palmer

Love the site and patterns. Just wondering if there is a search function to the site. I was looking for a certain pattern that I have the name of, but searching through 500 patterns to find it is a bit daunting. Maybe I'm missing where the search bar is on the version of the site that comes on my phone? Thank you

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