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Charts - Japanese sashiko patterns in counted embroidery, a new idea to explore.
Cross Stitch - Cross stitch or beadwork - interpret a cross stitch design in beads.
Projects - Learn new techniques through projects.
E-Books - Explore larger projects and their development through e-books.
Freebies - Mix and match the free designs to create new projects.
Techniques - New to embroidery? Explore techniques to help make the right choices.
Inspirations - Take a fresh look at the world around you and adapt it to your own embroidery.
Blog - New Japanese embroidery ideas to explore in your own quiet corner. A dress fit for a king. Take a look at Four-sided stitch. Use embroidery to liven up your wardrobe.
Liz's Gallery - Look back and study the designs.
Reader's Gallery - See how creative readers are in our Reader's Gallery.




Welcome to Blackwork Journey.
Founded in 2008 the site has been dedicated to making available original designs which move away from the traditional approach to blackwork and other aspects of embroidery.

The designs use simple stitches and a variety of threads and colours to encourage the beginner and challenge the experienced embroiderer!

All embroidery designs on this site are copyrighted by the designer,
Elizabeth Almond, and may not be used in any form without express permission.
Persons who purchase charts are given permission to make a working copy
of the chart pages for their personal use.



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