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If you would like to display your finished blackwork in the Gallery I would be delighted to include it.
Send me an image and I will insert it into the site. I hope looking at your projects will encourage you to do even more.


RG0106 - Amilie W

Amilie W

RG0105 - Karen, Canada

Karen, Canada

RG0104 - Joan, Canada

Joan, Canada


RG0103 - Dianna P, Kitchener

Dianna P, Kitchener

RG0102 - Maureen's Isabella

Maureen's Isabella

RG0101 - Lisa



RG0100 - April


RG0099 - Hilda


RG0098 - Melissa



RG0097 - Maureen, Montreal

Maureen, Montreal

RG0096 - Liz C

Liz C

RG0095 - Leanne, London, Ontario

Leanne, London, Ontario


RG0094 - Grace C

Grace C

RG0092 - Arabian Courtyard, Anna

Arabian Courtyard, Anna

RG0091 - Natacha, France

Natacha, France


RG0090 - Gina, Netherlands

Gina, Netherlands

RG0089 - Wendy Blocks 1-7

Wendy Blocks 1-7

RG0088 - Meg Y

Meg Y


RG0087 - Jacqueline, France

Jacqueline, France

RG0086 - Da Capo Lynne, NZ

Da Capo Lynne, NZ

RG0085 - Chris N

Chris N


RG0084 - Sandy J

Sandy J

RG0083 - Bukhara Judith

Bukhara Judith

RG0082 - Allison



RG0081 - Janet


RG0080 - Jane I

Jane I

RG0079 - Jean W

Jean W


RG0078 - Ann B

Ann B

RG0077 - Jacqueline B, France

Jacqueline B, France

RG0076 - Allison D

Allison D


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