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Have you seen any of these designs before? If so, please contact me.

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If you would like to display your finished blackwork in the Gallery I would be delighted to include it.
Send me an image and I will insert it into the site. I hope looking at your projects will encourage you to do even more.


RG0027 - Perception By Tannis

Perception By Tannis

RG0026 - Cross Crosslets By Irene

Cross Crosslets By Irene

RG0025 - Blackwork Cards From Alessandro

Blackwork Cards From Alessandro


RG0024 - Star Challenge By Margaret

Star Challenge By Margaret

RG0023 - Colour Starburst By Margaret

Colour Starburst By Margaret

RG0022 - Saying By Anne

Saying By Anne


RG0021 - Design By Peggy Lee

Design By Peggy Lee

RG0020 - Variation By Peggy

Variation By Peggy

RG0019 - Midnight Garden

Midnight Garden


RG0018 - Lorraine's Box 2

Lorraine's Box 2

RG0017 - Lorraine's Box 1

Lorraine's Box 1

RG0016 - Squares Within Squares By Ilene

Squares Within Squares By Ilene


RG0015 - Cob Web By Valerie

Cob Web By Valerie

RG0014 - Arabesque Miniature By Ilene

Arabesque Miniature By Ilene

RG0013 - Marianne By Mary K

Marianne By Mary K


RG0012 - Patchwork By Valerie Keighan

Patchwork By Valerie Keighan

RG0011 - Freebie 2 By Valerie Keighan

Freebie 2 By Valerie Keighan

RG0010 - Oriental Miniature By Lexie

Oriental Miniature By Lexie


RG0009 - With Love

With Love

RG0008 - Star Challenge By Jenni

Star Challenge By Jenni

RG0007 - Virtudec



RG0006 - Blackwork Black Iris

Blackwork Black Iris

RG0005 - Carole's Mandala

Carole's Mandala

RG0004 - Dieneke's Garden

Dieneke's Garden


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